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Alkaline "Level Up" Powder

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Alkaline “Level Up” Powder is a supplement that balances the pH levels in the body, gives you natural energy, rejuvenates your cells by eliminating toxic waste through alkalizing your blood and has over 50 other health benefits, READ BELOW! This supplement comes in a fresh resealable foil package with a BPA FREE plastic inner lining. A custom blended powder with various levels of fine ground organic alkaline based plants.

Serving Size: Take 1 tablespoon (every 3 days) with 8 ounces of coconut juice/water, alkaline water or any other non-acidic natural juice. Try it in your smoothie, soup, hot tea or homemade juice for all genders and ages.


Alkaline “Level Up” Powder Health Benefits
• Maintenance of healthy weight
• Fewer digestive problems
• Stronger bones and teeth
• May prevent cancer
• May protect against developing an recurring infections

Alkaline Powder neutralizes acids in the body:
Alkaline “Level Up” Powder has a useful effect on the acid levels in the body. This is important because if the acid levels are too high, the human body can experience a wide range of health problems.

What are the Benefits to Alkalizing?
# Better Gastrointestinal Health (Stomach acid gets neutralized.)
# Weight Loss Benefits (Toxin build up cause’s obesity. Alkaline “Level Up” Powder removes toxins.)
# Energy Boost (Alkalizing helps to combat acidosis at the tissue level and makes extra energy and chemical substances available for your normal daily activities.
# Improved Immunity (Too much acidity can interfere with your white blood cells and make us more susceptible to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.
# Alkalizing can weaken the natural defense mechanisms against cancer cells
# Reduces the risk of cancers
# Anti- aging effect (Premature aging of the skin tissue)
# Prevents osteoporosis (Relieves arthritis symptoms, causes are highly acidic foods such as red meat, cheese, soda)
# Increases Mental Clarity and Focus (excess acidity is the cause of several neurodegenerative diseases)
# Keep the body’s pH at around 7.4 to try reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
# Better Skin Better Hair Better Nails (Dry skin, dull hair, thin fingernails, breaking nails)
# Improves Dental Health (Acidity causes tooth sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and acidic foods. Mouth ulcers, brittle teeth, painful/bleeding gums, frequent infections, including tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Treat with an astringent mouthwash such as green tea extract an herbal tea made from sage, Oregon grape root, or white oak bark helps alkalize the mouth and remedy these problems. Oil pulling with pressed organic coconut oil will alkalize the mouth as well
# Reduces Arthritis Symptoms (Caused by the degeneration of bone and cartilage. The pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion. People with acidic constitution seem to be predisposed to arthritis and a meat based diet will aggravate the symptoms. Alkalizing diet helps to reduce pain and inflammation of the joints. Drink alkaline water first thing in the morning to put arthritis into remission, if not completely reverse the damage

How Can You Alkalize Your Body?
We can regain the balance by reducing the intake of highly acidifying foods like meat, refined grains, cheese, coffee, etc. as well as including more alkalizing foods in the diet. Completely avoid soda and sweetened beverages, These do nothing but harm the body.

Some of the best alkalizing foods to add to your diet:
# Green leafy vegetables – Kale, spinach, parsley, chard, and watercress are good additions to an alkalizing diet. Wheatgrass juice and green smoothies are excellent ways of incorporating more greens into the diet
# Cruciferous vegetables – Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are alkalizing vegetables. An added bonus is that the isothiocyanates in these vegetables are a known cancer preventive
# Lemon juice – Warm lemon water is one of the most alkalizing foods you can have. It does contain citric acid and feels acidic on your tongue but once the minerals dissociate, the high mineral content makes it a strongly alkalizing food
# Alkaline Water – Contains high amounts of minerals from the mineral rocks in the natural water reservoirs. Alkaline herbal water can be prepared by infusing cucumber and lemon slices over night in plain water. Try this refreshing and rejuvenating morning drink and enjoy the benefits of alkalizing

Alkaline powder benefits the body as it restores the pH levels to around 7.4 which is the optimal level for the body to function properly.
The body becomes too acidic when the wrong kinds of food are consumed. To maintain the correct pH levels, a person should eat a diet that is rich in green vegetables and whole grains, however this can be difficult to maintain.
Eating too many processed foods, including white flour and sugary products, as well as too much meat and animal proteins results in chronic acidity which can be difficult to rectify.

Consuming Alkaline “Level Up” Powder can help restore the balance and ward off the problems associated with acidity.
Acid conditions in the body impair liver and kidney function resulting in poor detoxification. This in turn causes fatigue, repeated infections due to the suppression of the immune system and poor absorption of nutrients. These conditions can be alleviated by taking alkaline powder supplements.

Who may benefit from taking an Alkaline Powder supplement?
Alkaline powder may help those, who
• are experiencing digestive problems
• are overweight
• are tired and sluggish
• wish to prevent osteoporosis
• wish to prevent tooth loss
• wish to prevent cancer
• suffer from recurrent infections

Does Alkaline Powder have any side effects?
There are no known alkaline powder side effects, however it should be taken correctly and it should not be overdosed. Please adhere to the recommended dosage.
The consumption of high levels of alkaline powder may result in alkaline powder side effects that can include the following symptoms, such as diarrhea and stomach pains.